1.       Print Template
This is the template file that the downloaded photos will be composited on. You can create your own file with your own logo and branding and swap out the default. It should be an 1200x1800 image like the default found in C:\Program Files (x86)\Photo Booth Solutions\BYO Booth\Assets\PrintTemplates  
Default.png - Used for 1x1 layout
ContactSheet.png - Used for 2x1 layout


2.       Contest Mode

Enable contest mode to use another template X percentage of the time.  Only available in 1x1


3.       Contest Template

Navigate to the 1200x1800 PNG template you want to use for a selected (winning) photo.


4.       Probability/Max Wins

Set the probability of a winning photo.  At 10% each photo has a 1 in 10 chance to win.  You can set the max number of wins so when the system hits the limit of wins contest mode will shut off.


5.       Overlay Template

If you want your template to be overlayed on top of the photo or on top of everything instead of the photo placed on top of the template, you will need to make your template a transparent png, with a hole cut out for where the photo will show through.  This can be used to create more interesting layouts.


·         Over Photo

·         Over Everything (includes user information)


6.       Layout

·         1x1
This is the default layout and is what is shown above

·         2x1
This places 2 photos on a single page that can be cut in half to create more Polaroid looking prints. The default functionality of this layout will be to place 2 different photos as the arrive into the layout, but by checking Duplicate (A) it will instead use the same photo on each side of the layout, essentially creating 2 copies once cut.
Note: Captions are not shown in this layout


·         3x2
This places 6 small 1.5"x1.5" photos onto one print and can be used to create Instagram magnets or buttons.
Note: No info is shown on the photos with this layout


7.       Photo Size
This is the size of the photo on the template.  Only available in 1x1

8.       Photo Location
This is the location of the photo on the template.  Only available in 1x1

9.       Preview
Both the size and location can be done live on the preview by clicking and dragging the photo to move it and CTRL-clicking and dragging the photo to resize it

10.    Rotate Photo
This will rotate the photo 90° for landsacpe layouts

11.    User Info
This shows the user's username and photo. You can change the font, size, color and rotation.

12.    Date
This shows the date of the photo. You can change the font, size, color and rotation.

13.    Caption
This shows the caption of the photo. You can change the font, size, color and rotation.

14.    Flip Caption
Flip the caption for languages that are right to left like Hebrew and Arabic

15.    Caption Limit
If the captions are running into your logo, limit the number of characters displayed

16.    Reset
This will reset the layout to the default values.


Note: The design tools and resulting preview are approximations.  You may have to tweak the values once you see the actual prints.

 BYO Template Tab Walk Through