1. Enable Filters

    Enable Filters to let the user select a filter for their shots.  The filters will be applied after the session is done and the user will be shown a preview of their shots with the actual filter applied


    2. Select Filters

    By turning off certain filters, you can limit the filters the user has to select from


    3. Advanced Filters

    Add an advanced filter to your photo. Advanced filters are much slower than traditional filters are will require additional processing time.


    4. Allow Only 1 Filter to be Printer per Session
    Checking this option will make sure users can't go back and forth to the Filter Selection screen to select new filters to print.  Once they print 1 filter, they can select another filter to upload, but not to print.


    5. Custom Filters

    Use Photoshop Droplets to add in a custom filter to each photo. 



    Note: To have the user select the filter before the session has started, use the Layout Selection feature in the "Display" Tab.  For example, create an event setting with only Color Filter enabled, and another with only B&W Filter enabled.  Then Make your Layout Selection screen so the user can select Color or B&W.