1.    Enable Printing
Checking this will enable printing from PBC.  A print button will be shown when the user selects a photo.

2.    Rotate Print
Checking this will rotate incoming photos by 90° when printed.

3.    Auto Print
Enable this to automatically print photos as they are found in the watch folder(s).

4.    # Auto Print Copies
This is the number of copies of a photo that are printed using auto print.

5.    Duplicate Strips
Checking this have the printer print two copies side by side.

6.    Prints to Chose
Increasing this value above 1, allows the user to choose the number of copies of print when the hit the print button.

7.    Max # Reprints
This limits the # of times a particular photo can be reprinted. The default is 5.

8/9/10.    Scale, X Margin, Y Margin
Different printers may print the photos with different margins. If you are having trouble getting the print to line up, you can adjust these settings.

Default settings:

- Scale: 1.0

- X Margin: 0

- Y Margin: 0