1.    Enable Survey
Enable this to ask the survey questions before uploading.

2.    Survey Title
The title of the survey.

3.    Questions
Enter up to 5 questions to ask the user. The default question will be a text field entry. If one of the question is for their email address, then check the email field so that if they choose to hit the email button after the survey, their address will be auto populated. If the question is a Yes/No, check this box and Yes/No buttons will be shown instead of a text field.

Note: If you are interested in collecting email addresses and are enabling several different upload options besides email, you may want to ask for the email as one of the survey questions, as this will ensure that more users will enter their address as opposed to only the ones who choose email as their upload option.

4.    Enable Disclaimer
You can show a disclaimer screen to the user before they upload and ask them to agree to the terms and conditions before they upload. If they don't agree, they won't be allowed to upload.

5.    Disclaimer Title
The title of the Disclaimer.

6.    Disclaimer Text
Select a .txt file with the text of the disclaimer to be shown.

7.    Auto Show Survey or Disclaimer
Checking this will show the survey or disclaimer as soon as the user selects a photo. Otherwise, it will show once the user has chosen one of the sharing buttons.

8.    Session Time
This is used to help prevent the same user from being shown the disclaimer and survey if they have already answer them and have chosen to upload another photo. This value is the number a seconds that will define a "session" during which if the kiosk is idle, it will be assumed it is still the same user and the survey/disclaimer won't be shown on subsequent uploads.