1.    Enable Client Facebook
Check this to have all incoming photos automatically uploaded to a predefined Facebook page in the background. This can be a client page or your company page.

2.    Current Upload Account
This is the account that is currently selected for uploading.

You need to sign in to select the Facebook page you want to upload to. You can either select the Main account that you logged in with, or another page if you have access to other Facebook pages.

Note: You will need to have admin access to the page to be able to select it for an upload destination.

3.    Caption
Assign a caption to each uploaded photo.

4.    Album Name
You can have all of the photos uploaded to a specific album. This can be a preexisting album or a new album which PBC will create once you save the settings.

5.    Custom Facebook App ID (no longer valid as of 2019 per Facebook's API rules)

By default, PBC will use the Photo Booth Connected app to upload the photos to Facebook.  Users will see "Uploaded by Photo Booth Connected" on their walls.  To change this to say the name of your company, you will need to set up you own Facebook app, and use the APP ID.

Instructions for setting up your own FB App using the new Facebook review policies after 4/30/14 can be found here.

You can also use a generic FB APP ID which will show up as "Photo Booth Uploader" which the ID is 129317487243597.