1.    Event Name

Enter a name for your event, for example "Christina Wedding" or "Bicycle Shop Grand Opening". Each event will create a sub folder in your Photo Save folder where the photos and data for the event are stored.

The following sub folders will also be created:

  • Customized: This is where the final prints will be saved.
  • Data: This is where the data files for data collection and surveys are saved.
  • Gifs: This is where animated GIFs are saved.
  • GreenScreen: This is where individual green screen shots are saved.
  • Originals: This is where the original photos from the camera are saved.
  • Videos: This is where videos are saved.

The settings for the entire program are also based on the event, so each event you save will have its own settings file located in c:\SocialBooth\_settings. It is recommended to create new events in order to keep your photos and data separated. You can create and save multiple events in advance and load them when you need them using the Save Event and Load Event buttons. The Defaults button will load the default settings that were loaded when the program was installed.

2.    Photo Save Folder

Select a location for your Event photos to be saved. The default file path is c:\SocialBooth.

3.    Camera Selection

Select the type of camera you are using. Canon DSLR, Canon Powershot and HD Webcam are supported. For a complete list of supported cameras see here. Powershot support is limited due to Canon no longer supporting newer Powershot models in their developer SDK. DSLR or webcam is recommended.

4.    Mirror Live View Image
Leave this checked so the user looking at the live view will see themselves as if they are looking at a mirror, so when they move left, they will also appear to move left in the live view.

5.    Rotate Camera
Use this setting if you are placing the camera on its side in order to shoot portrait photos.

6.    Manual Shutter Release
This setting allows you to control when the photos are taken by manually hitting the camera's shutter release button as opposed to having the photos taken automatically with a countdown.

7.    Shutter Sound
This will play a virtual shutter sound when photos are taken.

8.    External Flash Mode
This will increase the exposure of the live view image when an external flash is being used, helping to prevent dark live view images.  The actual exposure of the final photo is not affected.

9.    Save Photos to Card
This will save the photos to your camera's storage card as well as the PC.

10.    Countdown
The number of seconds for the countdown before each shot.

11.    Preview After Shot
The number of seconds to display the photo after it has been taken.

12.    Sharing Timeout
The number of seconds for the share screen to remain active. Setting this can help eliminate lines and long user sessions by setting a limit to how long they have to share their photos.

13.    Allow Session Retakes
This will enable the back button that allows users to go back to retake their photos. When it is unchecked, users can still go back to select different filters, of animated GIF, etc. but they won't be able to go all the way back to the screen that takes photos.

14.    Hide Cursor
Hide the Windows cursor while in photo booth mode.

15.    Auto Start Mode
Enable this to skip the settings when the program is started. Press F1 to go back to the settings from within the program.

16.    ChromeCast Slideshow

Choose which photos to display in the Chromecast slideshow. Final photos (including filters), original photos (individual photos), animated GIF or green screen photos.

17.    Admin Password
Setting an admin password limits access to the settings screens to only those who have the password. Operators will be able to select Events to load, but won't be able to edit any settings without the password. If you set the admin password and do not remember, you can access in the settings file.

18.    Disable Windows 8 Charms

Disables the windows charms when you move your cursor to the upper right corner of the screen.


19.    Run on Monitor #
When multiple monitors are being used, use these to select which monitor you want to have Social Booth run on. If the Social Booth monitor is smaller than 1920x1080, place it to the left like so: