1.    Auto Print
Enable this to have photos automatically print when the session is complete.

2.    Auto Print Copies

This is the number of copies of photos to print when auto print is enabled.


3.    Enable Print Button
Enabling the Print button will show the print button on the Share screen along with the upload options.

4.    Max # Prints to Choose
Setting this to anything greater than 1 will show the user a dialog box asking them how many copies of the print they want. The number set here will be the maximum number of prints they will be allowed.


5.    Max # Prints/Event

This allows you to disable all printing after a certain # of prints have been reached. Leave this set to 0 for unlimited prints unless you plan on limiting the number of prints at the event.

6.    Max # Prints to choose

This allows the guest to increase the number of photos per session. The count will not continue to increase past the max number listed here.

7.    Rotate Print 90

This will rotate the print by 90 degrees before printing.

8.    Require Share to Print

This will require a user to share the photo to social media, email or SMS before they can print.  The print icon will be transparent (like in the screen shot above) until the photo is shared.

9.    Print 1/2 # copies

This feature is useful if you are printing strips where 1 4x6 usually ends up getting cut into 2. When this is enabled, when a user selects 2 copies, only 1 4x6 will be printed, and it is assumed the printer will be cutting it into 2 copies for the user.

10.    Printing Message

This will display in the window after the guest hits the print button.

11.    Printer Tweaks

It shouldn't be necessary to change these values, but if you can't get the photo to print properly, adjust the scale and the margins in small increments so you can see the effect.