There are 4 main steps to configuring the multiple layout functionality.



1.    Configure each template in the template tab and make note of the name

* NOTE - If you are using different size templates, ie. 1 strip and 1 postcard, you will need to also save the printer preferences with the template to tell the printer to cut the strip and not to cut the postcard.


2.    Design the layout selection screen and make note of the location and size of each option


3.    Replace the 'layout' background in the Assets folder (Default: C:\Program Files (x86)\Photo Booth Solutions\Social Booth\Assets\Backgrounds)  or select the new background in the Background configuration.



4.    Enable and configure the multiple layout section.

·         Enable the selection using the checkbox

·         Click on configuration

·         Select each layout you'd like to use

·         Place the layout using the size and position fields