1.    Enable SMS

Click to allow users to send their photos via SMS. You will need to sign up to Twilio to send SMS messages. Twilio is available in most countries and

costs about $.01 per SMS. The user will receive a link to their photo as a text message.


2.    Send via MMS

Click to allow users to receive their photo directly in their messaging. They will receive both the photo and a link to their photo. You will need a MMS

enabled number from Twilio.


3.    Twilio Phone #

Enter your Twilio Phone #.  You will need to buy a phone number for $1.


4.    Twilio Account SID

Enter you Twilio Account SID.

5.    Twilio Auth Token

Enter you Twilio Auth Token.


6.    SMS Message

Enter the message to accompany the link to your photo.