1.    Event Name

Enter a name for your event. Each event will create a sub folder in you Photo Save folder where the photos and data for the event are stored.

2.    Photo Save Folder

Select a location for your Event photos to be saved. The default path is c:\SocialBooth.

3.    Camera Selection

Select the type of camera you are using. Canon DSLRand HD Webcam are supported. 

4.    Camera Swap

5.    Rotate Camera

Rotate the photo 90 degrees (clockwise) or -90 degrees (counterclockwise).

6.    External Flash Mode

This will increase the exposure of the live view image when an external flash is being used, helping to prevent dark live view images. The actual exposure of the final photo is not affected.

7.    Countdown

The number of seconds for the countdown before each shot.

8.    Auto Start Countdown

Guests will touch to start if not enabled.

9.    Customization

  • Filters - allows the guest to choose from 6 filters 
  • Drawing - allows the guest to free form draw on the screen
  • Props - allows the guest to place props on the screen 

10.    Watch Folders

Pull in photos from a windows folder as they are added to customize instead of via camera only.

11.    Slideshow Start

Display screen used for the slideshow.

12.    Slideshow Speed

Number of seconds between each photo in the slideshow.

13.    Delete from Slideshow

Allows you to delete photos from the slideshow.

14.    Skip Slideshow

Screen will remain on the 'start' screen instead of display the slideshow.

15.    Hide Slideshow

Removes 'back to slideshow' button when Skip Slideshow is enabled.

16.    Chromecast

Choose which photos to display in the ChromeCast slideshow. Final photos (including filters/drawing/props) and Original photos (individual photos).