You will want to make sure you have the following things in order prior to starting the programming of multiple events

  • selection screen
  • Final plan for all events
  • Location of selection hotspots 

From the default settings, program in your first event settings, including the hotspot location selection spots in the 'layout configuration' screen.  Save the event settings under a unique event name.  I like something like "PBX1, PBX2, PBX3, etc"  DO NOT ACTIVATE ANY OF THE EVENT SELECTION AT THIS POINT.

Thoroughly test the first event, This is going to be the base event for all the rest so if you miss something on testing this one you will need to fix them all at a later time.

Complete the programming for the rest of your event settings.  Make sure to save with a unique name and test!as the main event.  

Create one more additional event.  This is going to be the event you start the first time and that will be the only time it is used.  Feel free to reuse the settings from another one of your settings file.  There is no reason why you can't use the same settings from event 2 as the main event.

Once you have thoroughly tested everything (no really, I can't stress this enough), open the first event, and enable the layout selection screen, check the layouts you'd like to activate and select the correct .settings or .preset file.   Do the same for the main event through the 6th (or whatever your last event is).  


Open the main event and test each one of your following events.  You will want to mix up the order to test them all.  For example, when you select the 1st event and run through that one, the selection screen that appears next is going to be based on that event 1 layout configuration.  If you have a few events in a different order on that one the selection point can activate a different settings file than it should.   

Here is our final layout configuration.  A great way to double check is screen shot this piece for each event and compare side by side.