1.     Event Name

Enter a name for your event. Each event will create a sub folder in you Photo Save folder where the photos and data for the event are stored.

2.    Photo Save Folder
Select a location for your Event photos to be saved. The default is c:\GuestBooth

3.    Background

Select a location where your custom background file is located.  Guest Booth expects the file to be named the same way as they are in the C:\Program Files (x86)\Photo Booth Solutions\Guest Booth\Assets\Backgrounds folder. To customize, the file should be 1920x1080 pixels in a PNG format.

4.    Video Length

The number of seconds of video to record.

5.    Settings Password

Set a password in order to access the settings screen. The default is 'guestbooth'.

6.    Export

Click the export button to get the final completed book. Guest booth will export to C:\GuestBooth\<event name>.

Once you export the file, open the Guestbookviewer.exe file to view the book in a format where the user can flip the pages.