1.    Photo

Your guest will touch the camera for a photo.

2.    Video

Your guest will touch the video camera for a video.

3.    Settings Hotspot

You will select the gear wheel to return to the settings screen.

If your guest selects photo...

A live view and countdown will appear on the screen and the photo will be taken 3 seconds after selection.

If your guest selects video...

A 3 second countdown will appear to let them get ready and then the system will go into the video capture mode. A countdown will appear in the corner to let the guest know how many seconds they have remaining.

The guest will then be prompted to write on their scrapbook page.

1.    Pen Size

Choose the pen size to use when drawing on the page.

2.    Pen Color

Choose the pen color to use when drawing on the page.

3.    Eraser Tool

Erase just where the guest is touching.

4.    Undo Tool

Undo the last drawing.

5.    Redo Tool

Redo the last drawing.

6.    Trash

Delete everything on the page.

Then save the changes by pressing this arrow key: