As of November 2020, Sendgrid has implemented new security protocols.  

1. All accounts are required to enable 2 factor authentication.

2. Emails sent via the Sendgrid API now require an API key

3. "From" addresses must be verified.

Required updates

Social Booth - 2.5.39

Photo Booth Connected - 2.9.47

Sketch Booth - 1.3.9

1. Enable 2 factor authentication

Learn how to enable two factor authentication on your Sendgrid account here.

2. Obtain a Sendgrid API Key

  1. Navigate to Settings on the left navigation bar, and then select API Keys.
  2. Click Create API Key.
  3. Give your API key a name.
  4. Select Full Access, Restricted Access, or Billing Access.
  5. If you're selecting Restricted Access, or Billing Access, select the specific permissions to give each category. For more information, see API key permissions.
  6. Click Create & View.
  7. Copy your API key somewhere safe. For security reasons, do not put it directly in your code, or commit it somewhere public like GitHub.



Enter this API Key in Social Booth where you would normally enter your Password.

3. Verify Sender Address

Sendgrid gives you 2 options for verifying your sender address, Single Sender Verification and Domain Authentication.  Learn how to set both options up here.